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Welcome to the comprehensive documentation for OAuth.name, your one-stop solution for seamless Telegram SSO integration into your web applications. Whether you're an administrator seeking to manage and configure OAuth.name for your web application or a developer eager to implement Telegram SSO into your code, this documentation will guide you through each step of the process.

For administrators
  • Administration: Learn how to create and manage your OAuth.name application, configure user permissions, and manage user sessions.
For developers
  • Development: Understand the technical aspects of integrating Telegram SSO into your web application, including obtaining an OAuth.name application ID and secret, generating access tokens, and handling user authentication.

Throughout this documentation, you'll find detailed instructions, code snippets, and illustrative diagrams to ensure a smooth and successful integration of Telegram SSO into your web applications. Whether you're new to authentication or an experienced developer, OAuth.name provides a straightforward and secure solution for enhancing user authentication and streamlining your web application's login process.

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